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Randolph-Macon Academy

Upper School Aviation Program

Randolph-Macon Academy’s Aviation Program is the only one of its kind at the secondary school level in the United States. The Program provides both Flight and Drone instruction, preparing students for college careers in subjects that have yet to exist or be defined in our world today. 

The philosophy of the Flight Program is to attract young people to the world of aviation and flight.  The aviation and aerospace industries are growing rapidly and currently have a shortage of qualified pilots and professionals.  A number of our students have chosen to attend our institution because of the Aviation Program, and Randolph-Macon Academy is proud to offer them the chance to explore the world of aviation.

Unmanned Aviation Systems Lab (Drones):
The UAS Lab at R-MA is a a nationally recognized drone application program, whereby the Federal Aviation Administration provides significant grants to the Academy specific to flight training and drone instruction. Students are taught fundamentals in a variety of industries: 

  • Cinematography and TV/Film

  • Agriculture

  • Emergency Response and Management

  • Engineering and Construction

  • Energy and Infrastructure Management 

Click here to learn more about the FAA Grant and our Drone Instructor, Brian Kelly

Flight Program:

Randolph-Macon Academy’s Flight Program is the only one of its kind at the secondary school level in the United States. The flight instructors are members of the Randolph-Macon Academy staff, and the Academy owns two Cessna 172 Skyhawks that are kept at an airport, just ten minutes from campus.

The flight program is a complete instructional package that includes:

  • Private Pilot Ground School

  • Dual Instruction

  • Solo Time

  • FAA Written Test Preparation

  • Practical Test Preparation

We teach young men and women to fly, earn solo wings, earn Private Pilot Certification, and in some cases, earn an Instrument Rating. As students reach their goals in the program they gain self-confidence, self-esteem, and broaden their career options.

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