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Skydive Front Royal


Skydive Front Royal is a scenic skydiving destination located in Northern Virginia – just 70 miles from Washington, DC and 15 minutes off I-66. We offer safe, professional tandem skydiving in the scenic Shenandoah Valley with stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the famous Shenandoah River.

At SFR our goal is to provide an exclusive VIP level experience to our customers; entertaining the senses and providing a complete and personalized skydiving adventure.  As a customer service centered dropzone, we strive to provide top-level satisfaction for all of our jumpers. 

Our aim is to comfortably introduce each new customer to skydiving by providing them with the most positive experience possible.  We are passionate about our sport and believe that by providing safe, positive experiences, we can grow our skydiving community and inspire new jumpers to share in our “blue-sky-playground.”


We are the only locally owned Skydiving Operation near Washington, DC and by far the most scenic!  Front Royal is our “home” not our “location,” so when we take you for a skydive, we’re proud to share our beautiful Shenandoah River, our scenic Blue Ridge Mountains and our stunning Fort Valley views!

We started skydiving because we love it and we opened Skydive Front Royal because we want to share the love with everyone in the Northern Virginia area.  We strive to give each tandem customer the same thrilling adrenaline rush experience that got us hooked on the sport. Our goal is to make sure that from the moment you enter the terminal to the moment you leave, you have a positive experience with us! 

At SFR you are not a number, you are our number one priority, so safety is of the utmost importance in our book. Come jump and see what we’re all about here at Skydive Front Royal!


Our community is truly a destination and not just another dot on the map.  Front Royal is your gateway to the Skyline Drive and the Shenandoah National Park, the “Canoe Capital” of Virginia, and just a stone’s throw from over a dozen award-winning wineries.  We are an “outdoorsy town” with more hiking and biking trails than you can shake a stick at! 

We’ll tell you where the locals eat and how to find the secret waterfalls that aren’t on your map (hint – there’s one just 10 minutes from us!)  We know that deciding where you’re going to take-the-leap is a big decision, and deciding on ‘FRO-RO’ (as the locals lovingly refer to it) is sure to add to your jump day. 

Our mountains will rejuvenate you, our river will refresh you, and our skydiving will reawaken you!

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